Our Mission

Our History

Ensure all Worcester residents have a core place to receive accurate information about issues impacting young people in the city. Because that’s what Worcester Youth Deserve.

The Worcester Youth Deserve Coalition, in its current form, has been growing since late 2020. It is an evolution of other work in the city focused on sexual health and youth issues.

Worcester community members have a long history of advocating for sexual health, whether it be access to education, resources, or healthcare services. Some of the recent history includes the Investing in Girls Alliance commitment to improving regional health surveys and supporting youth workers in becoming knowledgeable and askable adults. The WISH Task Force, an acronym for Worcester Impact on Sexual Health, was funded by The Daniels Foundation from 2015-2018 and was critical in furthering the local conversation about comprehensive sexual health education in our public schools.

See below for a timeline of this work.